Candidate for the post of President of the United States burst into tears at a meeting with voters

Rapper Kanye West, who declared participation in elections of the President of the United States, held the first meeting with voters in Charleston, South Carolina. Recording of the meeting posted channel WCBD-TV.

It is specified that the meeting was attended by several hundred people, all asked to wear masks. Kanye West spoke to the crowd in a flak jacket, on his head was shaved, the numbers “2020”. He didn’t use the microphone. The meeting lasted about an hour.

During the performance, Kanye West spoke on the topic of abortion. He said that against their ban, but offered to provide financial assistance to families so they can keep the baby. “Everyone who has a baby gets a million dollars or something,” said West.

According to him, his father convinced his mother to have an abortion. “Kanye West might not be, because my father was too busy,” said the rapper. He added that he discussed the abortion with wife Kim Kardashian during her first pregnancy, but they decided to keep the baby. Speaking of that, West started to cry


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