The first interplanetary mission of the Arab world made it their goal to colonize Mars

United Arab Emirates successfully launched to Mars, your space probe, marking the first interplanetary mission of the Arab world. The purpose of the device – the study of the Martian atmosphere and climate. It is expected that by the autumn of this year on the Red planet will go the mission’s two countries: the United States and China.

Первая межпланетная миссия арабского мира поставила своей целью колонизировать Марс

The probe, called “al-Amal” (Arabic translated as “Hope” – “MC) was successfully launched from Baikonur on the island of Tanegashima in Japan with a slight delay on Monday, July 20.

Initially the launch was scheduled for 14 July, but it was twice postponed due to adverse weather events. From the booster separated solid boosters, and the probe set two-way communication with the ground segment in Dubai.

“The data collected by the probe, will add new dimensions to human knowledge, – said the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum in his account Twitter. Is our newest contribution to the development of the world.”

It is expected that the office of “al-Amal”, developed at the Space centre in Dubai in cooperation with the laboratory for atmospheric and space physics University of Colorado (USA), will reach the red planet by February 2021, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the formation of the UAE.

“We are honored to be part of a global effort to study outer space, – wrote the Mars mission UAE after launch on its official page in Twitter. Probe “Hope” is the culmination of every single step that people have taken throughout history to explore the unknown depths of space”.

The purpose of the mission of the United Arab Emirate on the Red planet to study its atmosphere, climate and change of seasons.

Moreover, the device will first explore the lower atmosphere, where there is weather on Mars, and there are such phenomena as dust storms. It is known that it is equipped with two solar panels and three special cameras with high resolution that allow to monitor the atmosphere of the red planet in the visible, ultraviolet and infrared ranges.

“The probe will collect data from orbit practically coinciding with the plane of the Martian equator, at a distance from 22 to 44 thousand kilometers from the planet’s surface, said Bi-bi-si scientific project Manager David brain of the University of Colorado. – Because of this we can, for example, hover over the Olympus (an extinct volcano on Mars, the highest mountain in the Solar system, “MK”) at different times of the Martian day. In another case, Mars will rotate under us.”

The space probe will remain in orbit throughout the Martian year, the duration of which is equal to 687 days on Earth.

With the successful launch of the first Arab probe to Mars United Arab Emirates has congratulated the head of the Agency NASA Jim Breidenstein. He described the mission as the beginning of a journey, the end of which is implementation of the global task, involving the colonization of Mars.

In addition, according to Bridenstine, the successful launch of the device was “the culmination of hard work, concentration and dedication”, and the mission itself was a “symbol of inspiration for the UAE, the region and the world” in General.

“I wish you a successful journey and look forward to the time when we will work together to explore Mars, – stated in the message of NASA on the official page in Twitter. – I can’t wait to join you in this journey!”.

In the summer of 2020, the missions to Mars are also American Rover mission “Mars-2020” NASA “Perseverance” (Perseverance) and the Chinese Rover “Tianwen-1” (“Questions to heaven”). As expected, the launch of the vehicles will take place somewhere between late July and early August, but the exact date will depend on the daily launch conditions.

All three of these countries – UAE, USA and China – are sending their missions to the Red planet this summer. They do this because of the emergence of the so-called “two year window”, a special period of time when Earth and Mars are at a close distance to each other, which makes space travel a little shorter.

Recall, the country of the Persian Gulf established its space Agency in 2014, and even then, the UAE announced the ambitious intention to colonize Mars within a hundred years – by 2117. Probe “Hope” is the most ambitious step in the United Arab Emirates in the growing space industry. The state before (in 2009 and 2013) has been launched satellites into space. But then they were developed jointly with South Korean partners.


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