Back in the ranks. Repair umbrella their hands

Снова в строю. Ремонт зонта своими руками

Not once confronted with the fact, that the sharp gusts of the “Achilles heel” of all the cheap umbrellas were spoke. Some owners prefer to throw away the umbrella, but it is not our method. Now, you will see for yourself.

To begin with, than the “Achilles ‘ heel” to cover, thereby to reduce the influence of harmful factors.

For this we need only an elastic tube of plastic material, seated on the spokes. Wearing and the umbrella will last longer.

But it happens and there will come to the rescue suggested a quick repair technology. This technology was partially used in the restoration of the broken scissors (see “Tips to the hostess”).

  1. For this we need make sure that the coupling for the wires.
  2. It is necessary to insert a bushing of soft material such as zinc, tin, copper. It is needed in order to provide the best crimp pins in the connecting sleeve, otherwise it can slip out of it. Its length may be greater than the length of the main sleeve, it can be compressed on the spoke beyond its borders. The bushing can be taken from other parts of the umbrella, the spokes of which have a view of the chute.
  3. All placed on the two ends of the broken spokes and fasten the screws connecting sleeve. Watch to the ends of the spokes in the hub are not sold.
  4. Put a tube from plastic

The technology has been tested, and this umbrella will serve as another host even to protect from the harmful effects of sun tanning.

Снова в строю. Ремонт зонта своими руками


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