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Nakamoto has mined about 1 BTC for 125 150 network security

Whale Alert, an analytic company that tracks the blockchain and provide the crypto community with information about moving large amounts of cryptocurrency, reported on the results of the study and ascertain the most accurate number of blocks and coins Bitcoins mined by Satoshi Nakamoto.

According to the Whale Alert presented on, Satoshi has mined about 1 BTC to 125 150 unit 54 316 that, as is currently estimated at about $ 10.9 billion dollars. Most likely Creator of Bitcoin in the first place cared not about the personal savings about the safety of young network and held 60 percent of the computing power to resist the “51% attack”.

Using the technique of extranonce Sergio Demian Lerner, Whale Alert, was able to track the action early and highly productive miner of Bitcoin (marked with Larner as Patoshi), which definitely ruled Satoshi, who won the Genesis block and running the Bitcoin network.

Thanks to the theory of patterns in which Sergio Lerner used three v lack of confidentiality.01 early Bitcoin Protocol, was able to correlate the blocks mined in the early years, and reveal their common origin. In addition, to calculate the approximate hash rate of each of the early miners. In the absence of at least one of these drawbacks, it would be impossible to recognize a very special miner’s trail and the traces of the remaining miners.

Additional evidence of these claims, Lerner found the “disposable numbers (used in the mining process other value that is stored in each block, but different from an additional single rooms) blocks mined by miner Patoshi, is that the last byte of the disposable numbers were always in the range from 0 to 9 or from 19 to 58, while other miners used the full range from 0 to 255”.


This helped to clarify the authorship of the blocks Patoshi and install the most accurate number of early block Bitcoin, which according to research is 22 503. This in turn facilitated the extraction speed of the blocks BTC miner Patoshi.

As it was established, the average speed of the hashing remained incredibly constant for long periods of time. For example, for the range of blocks between a height of from 2 000 to 16 000 the average number of blocks mined Patoshi per hour, was almost exactly 0,6 10 minutes, despite the fact that the number of miners varied strongly during this period.

Hence came the conclusion that the alleged Satoshi the perfect time of production of the unit was governed by computing power in the network. The miner, identified as Patoshi is at least 48 computers, with one machine for coordination. The lack of range 10-18 disposable numbers indicates the presence of mining equipment that are in standby in case of a “51% attack”.

Miner Patoshi was turned off in may 2010 when the network is really strong.

“Closing time, behavior mining, a systematic decrease in the rate of mining and the lack of spending clearly show that Satoshi was only interested in the growth and protection of the young network. Bitcoin mined Patoshi may have been just a by-product of these efforts, and it is unlikely that the balance will ever be spent, although the question remains why Satoshi just didn’t burn them in this case,” concluded their report the researchers.


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