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From space was sent to the first bitcoin

The first space bitcoin transaction was successful.

During the recent Asian summit 2020 Blockchain CEO of Pixelmatic and CEO of Blockstream Samson Mau gave the legendary canadian astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield for his first bitcoin from space via satellite Blockstream.

To complete this particular transaction Samson and his team at Blockstream first sent a signal to the Blockstream satellites in geosynchronous orbit (Telstar 11N, Galaxy 18, Eutelsat 113), which are then Transservis users to relay the transaction to the bitcoin network via the terrestrial Internet. Through this process, Samson was able to send bitcoin in the amount of $ 100 in the wallet of Colonel Chris Hadfield. The entire transaction was broadcast live on the summit of the Asia Blockchain, and this is the first time the commander of the International space station has received the bitcoin.

From space was sent to the first bitcoin

Colonel Chris Hadfield – retired canadian astronaut and former fighter pilot Royal canadian air force.

In the framework of the 35th expedition to the ISS, Hadfield has gained worldwide popularity, leading chronicle of life on the space station, photographing the Land and posting a photo on various social media platforms , and also recorded a cover of the hit David Bowie’s Space Oddity, which went viral on YouTube, even prompting a debate on the legality of public performance of copyrighted musical works in Earth orbit.

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