Chicago shot funeral procession

14 people were injured in an attack on a funeral procession in Chicago. It is reported by The New York Times.

It is specified that unknown persons opened fire from a passing vehicle at people gathered outside a funeral home South of the city on the evening of 21 July.

According to representatives of local police, some of the participants to the funeral, returned fire at the attackers. Only the crime scene found at least 60 shell casings.

The injured were taken to five local hospitals. Their status is not reported.

The car of the attackers was found abandoned near the scene of the crime. The motives of the perpetrators are still unknown.

In connection with the incident, police detained and questioned one person.

It is also reported that in less than a month, Chicago has already killed no less than 336 people. The US President Donald trump has previously said he intends to send to city employees Federal law enforcement agencies to suppress crime


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