Than a compost heap better than classic compost pit

Чем компостная куча лучше классической компостной ямы

To prepare compost in the country in different ways: making classic compost pile, or directly in a pile on the surface of the earth.

In the first case we are talking about anaerobic (not requiring oxygen) method of compost preparation, the second one about aerobic.

In recent years, many vacationers make the choice in favor of a compost heap. Than it differs from the classical pits, and is the game worth the candle? Let’s deal.

I also want to share with you another interesting method of compost preparation: in the bowl of a plastic barrel.


Compost heap

Compost pile — a method of preparation of compost with oxygen. It is possible to make the lattice fence, inside of which are placed layers of the main “ingredients” for compost.

You can also make “capacity” to store compost of metal mesh or wooden box.

Чем компостная куча лучше классической компостной ямы

In the process of making compost is actively aerated. However, it is necessary to periodically moisten — moisten with water (better to use rain water).

The pros and cons

The compost turns out pretty quickly (literally 2-3 months). So if you don’t have time to wait a whole year, this way for you.

By the way, the way also less time consuming because you do not have to dig a hole. And it can also be considered a weighty argument.

And yet, at the aerobic method of composting killing pathogens, which is very important.

Чем компостная куча лучше классической компостной ямы

Among the shortcomings worth noting is the fact that a part of nitrogen compounds from the compost erode, and therefore it is less nutritious than compost, prepared anaerobically.

Compost pit

To prepare compost anaerobically, dug a pit depth of from 0.5 to 2 m. If you plan to make compost one year, that hole can be concreted.

On top of the pit should be covered with plastic wrap and sprinkle it with dust. And before that, all used biomaterial rams to “squeeze out” as much air as possible.

Since the compost there is no oxygen, then there developed other microbes — not like in a compost heap. And in this case it is mainly the fermentation process.

Чем компостная куча лучше классической компостной ямы

On the bottom of the pit it is desirable to make the drainage to prevent the compost liquid.

The pros and cons

Unlike a compost pile, the decomposition in the pit is much slower — it can take from 6 months to 1 year or more.

And even with this method of compost preparation are not dying of diseases.

But in General, the compost turns out better as the consistency and chemical composition.


If the compost needs to cook quickly and the quality of the finished raw material is not necessary in the first place, choose a compost pile.

You don’t have to find a place to pit, and then dig the pit. And not have to wait long.

If you need the highest quality compost and you are ready to wait for about a year, the compost pit is an option for you.

Details about all the advantages and disadvantages of anaerobic and aerobic methods composting can be viewed in the video below. Your experience shared with us the author of the YouTube channel “SMART FARMING“.


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