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Acne Buterin: High transaction fees can undermine the security of Ethereum

According to the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, high transaction fees threaten the security of the network project.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that from April the fee for processing transactions on the network Ethereum has increased by 500%. At the end of last week the camp has reached 50 Gwei, this is the maximum value in 2018.

Acne Buterin believes that increases the dependence of miners from transaction fees may lead to the selfish practices of mining, is based solely on the desire to obtain as much profit. Thus, it can be violated mode processing transactions on the Ethereum.

Buterin published his post on Twitter after some netizens said that the Commission has reached 100 Gwei. He believes that as soon as possible to reform the system of the Ethereum-fees.

In particular, Buterin offers to cancel basic fees, which will reduce the dependence of miners from tariff transactions. In fact, the miners will have to obtain reward for prioritization of transactions, and the base fee will be eliminated.

Many community members have supported the initiative of the founder of Ethereum.


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