Better than any textbook: 20+ images of human anatomy that will surprise you

“The anatomy lesson is so boring,” thinks the majority of students. But in fact the human body is much more interesting than any puzzle! And to understand it, you don’t have to cram the mountain of literature.

We have prepared for you 20+ photos, models, drawings and gifs that will answer the most popular questions. Be sure that after this your opinion about a boring subject will change dramatically.

I bet you’ll never guess what it is? Okay, let’s do this… it looks like the hydrogen atom.

Some more images of the atom, who managed to get with a heavy-duty device Electron Microscope Pixel Array Detector (EMPAD). It allows you to observe objects with a record resolution of 0.39 Å.

I think this is some kind of intricate subject matter of modern art? But, no! Before you model the chromosomes.

It looks like under a microscope the damaged capillary and the red blood little body.

And this is a more detailed image of the blood vessel.

The spectacle is not for the faint of heart… the mosquito is looking for the capillaries to drink blood.

A molecular model of the influenza virus. Wow, what a beauty!

This mysterious “creature” — bacteriophage — virus that infects bacteria.

The beginning of a new life. Egg surrounded by sperm.

The image that made me shudder more than a dozen people. Look like human teeth within the jaw.

And this is a clear demonstration of how aligned teeth with braces. The video shows the accelerated process, which usually takes several years.

Still believe in big bones? The left 113 kg weight on the right — 54 kg.

This layout of the human nervous system resembles a Christmas tree.

So look to the carotid artery.

This scanner online shows doctors your veins. Wow, what amazing technology!

A real work of art! Blood vessels in the foot.

The rods and cones in the eye at multiple magnifications look like the sketches of the artist.

See this ophthalmologists when extend pupils patients.

Approximately dissolve tablets in the human stomach.

And another example. As you can see, tablets capsules dissolve much longer.

Just imagine all of our memories — the product of the work of this cluster of cells.

In the picture you can see the concussion of the brain “in action”.

A clear explanation of why a toothache is often accompanied by a headache.

These are just a few of the secrets concealed in the human body. And what facts surprised you the most?

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