The seizure of the bus in the luck forced Elon musk to assess the event

American entrepreneur, founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk is keenly appreciated unfolded in the Ukrainian Lutsk the events surrounding the capture of the bus with the 13 hostages.

Suicide about 10 o’clock was held the day before in the bus of people, not just allowing it to bring them water.

The attacker Maxim Compressor (in social networks calling themselves Poor) decided to take public transportation to push rather strange requirements. One of his conditions even made the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

The leader of Ukraine yesterday on the page in the social network appeared the video with a call to watch the movie “Earthlings”: this is what caused the Compressor. After this was released the hostages, among whom was a pregnant teenager and an elderly man.

To Bad this Maxim is actively threw firecrackers from inside the bus, demanded the involvement of the press and even shot in the direction of a negotiator sent from the security forces.

Then began the assault, in which the terrorist was detained, although before the arrest he did not resist, and even about fifteen minutes waiting at the entrance to the bus.

The security forces, this behavior is not prevented to use armored personnel carriers, SWAT and stun grenades. As explained in the interior Ministry of Ukraine, this step is needed for the final psychological pressure on the offender.

Not remained aloof from the events in Ukraine and American engineer and businessman Elon Musk, commenting on a news story the American newspaper The New York Times.

“The man with the firearms and explosives took hostage 13 people and demanded that the President of Ukraine approved the documentary, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix about the cruelty to animals. The President surrendered and the hostages were released,” says the NYT.

In the comments under the post Musk wrote: “Just another day in 2020”, hinting at the abundance of negative shocks that took place in the world is not yet complete in 2020.


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