Explained the high cost of foldable smartphones

Объяснена высокая стоимость складных смартфонов

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Foldable smartphones are expensive because of new technologies and low level of competition in the market. This is stated in the report of the publication SamMobile.

According to the journalists who analyzed the market of folding devices for example smartphones Samsung, earlier experts predicted the reduction in price of the flagship models, but this did not happen. This is due to the fact that in folding machines is new technology and expensive components that affects the cost of the device. Cost reduction will be possible if smartphone manufacturers will have to invest more in the development of new technologies.

The high cost of gadgets with a folding display is also due to the low level of competition in the market. The publication noticed that, in fact Samsung has a dominant position in this segment of the market and can dictate the rules.

“Samsung will not retreat a single step, while other manufacturers will not take a strong position on the market of folding machines”, — noted journalists.

According to experts, Samsung planned to release an affordable version of the Galaxy Fold, when there were rumors that Huawei will present inexpensive foldable device. However, when the rumors have died down, the Korean company has abandoned plans to reduce prices on a range of conceptual devices.

Informed blogger John Prosser (Jon Prossser) stated that Apple is working on the first foldable iPhone. The specialist noted that the prototype tested by the specialists of the apparatus consists of two halves connected by a hinge. Prosser did not disclose the approximate date of release of the smartphone on the market, but stressed he did not doubt the veracity of the leak.

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