A new blood test can detect cancer 4 years before standard diagnostic methods

Scientists claimthat a simple blood test can detect five types of cancer four years before the appearance of any symptoms.

The so-called liquid biopsy PanSeer analyses blood samples on the subject of tiny DNA fragments secreted by tumors of the stomach, esophagus, intestines, lungs and liver. According to the study, she is able to recognize cancer four years earlier than standard diagnostic methods.

PanSeer explores the DNA of blood plasma to find the signs of the tumors: the emissions of the methyl group. In the course of the study, the authors analyzed plasma samples from 605 people who had no symptoms of any of the five different types of cancer. However, later almost 200 participants have set the appropriate diagnosis.

As explained by Professor kun Zhang of the University of California (San Diego), their colleagues and the ultimate goal is “to conduct such blood tests at regular intervals during the annual medical examinations“.

“However, our immediate goal, he said — to check people from risk groups based on family history, age or other known factors.”


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