“The coronavirus is the mysterious infection”: the experts think that killing will be for a long time

Exciting question, whether to wait for the second wave of the epidemic of the coronavirus, is no longer worth it. Famous experts claim that the disease didn’t go away and will haunt the entire world for many years. “We don’t know if in Europe the second wave or still in progress first. To estimate it it is possible only through time. For some reason people think for the new year, the disease will come to naught. Alas. She will be with us for a long time”, — said at a round-table discussion on the pandemic COVID-19, doctor of medicine, founder of the international clinical research company Francisco Harrison.

«Коронавирус — самая загадочная инфекция»: эксперты считают, что убивать будет долго

“What kind of waves are we talking about? The epidemic process develops, in the world infected nearly 15 million people. The last day was 239 thousand new cases in different countries”, — says the chief epidemiologist of Russia, academician of the RAS Nikolai Briko.

In Russia, an acute situation remains in Siberia, the Urals, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. The virus has reached the family members of migrant workers who brought the infection back with their earnings. Moscow very favorably with the regions and protective measures have been taken ahead. But the surge of infection is possible at any time — especially if the coming months do not appear effective vaccine. The vaccine will create population immunity. In Moscow it reached 60%. After vaccination it is equal to 95%.

In good weather, the incidence of less. The virus is afraid of high temperature. At 56 degrees it dies within 40 minutes. But why then the high incidence in tropical countries? The fact that the temperature can’t kill a virus with a large gathering of people. In the air under ultraviolet light the virus dies quickly enough, unlike the closed spaces and transport. No wonder coronavirus called “the disease of organized groups”. At risk as psycho — neurological institutions, nursing homes, military units… After the holidays children will come to schools, kindergartens — this factor accelerating the spread of any infections, you need to take preventive measures. High risk of infection during any close contact — conversation, dancing. A seasonal rise in the incidence of the virus is expected in November, December, January. But its severity is likely to be not very high. Virus not profitable to kill his “master”, his task is to circulate, to adapt to the human body. The greatest danger is posed by new viruses — every year there are one or two dangerous infectious disease — continues Nikolay Briko.

There is one more variant of development of events: the coronavirus can lie dormant, giving time for the other infections, and a couple of years back in an even more terrible form.

— Coronavirus, we may say that the alpha male among contemporary infections. And while he does not want us to “negotiate”. It is impossible to predict now what the flu will come to us in the fall. We are in a phase of accumulation of practical knowledge, — says the Deputy Director of the Central research Institute of epidemiology, corresponding member of RAS, Professor Alexander Gorelov.

Head of the laboratory of vaccination and immunotherapy of allergic diseases scientific research Institute of vaccines and sera named after I. I. Mechnikov of RAMS, Professor, doctor of medical Sciences Mikhail Kostinov calls the most mysterious coronavirus infection, is able to deceive the human immune system. Creating drugs that can defeat a tricky virus, it may take 5-10 years — this process lasts much longer than vaccine. But no need to wait and appearance of the vaccine directly from the coronavirus. “We need to act now. There are many other registered vaccines that help our immune system. And, of course, important in the prevention of mask mode, social distance, hygiene,” says Mikhail Kostinov.

There is good news. Immunity from recover still remains, even if the body has no antibodies — recent studies have proven that it is possible. People may again recover, but in the form of light: the body “remembers” your enemy. And easier than others, however surprising it may sound, coronavirus tolerated by patients with autoimmune diseases and cancer. They receive specific therapy, which, as it discourages the virus, blocking his path into the body.


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