Coronavirus began to spread faster due to new mutations — scientists have warned

According to the expert, a new mutation of coronavirus became his dominant strain and provokes a more rapid spread of outbreaks COVID-19 worldwide.

As says Professor Nick Loman from the University of Birmingham, mutation, known as D614G and discovered in the UK, forms clusters faster than the original virus, which appeared in Wuhan. According to Loman, the scientists came to this conclusion after analyzing more than 40 thousand genomes in Britain.

However, he said, while there is no evidence that the mutation may increase the mortality rate or the duration of the fight with virus. Loman also believes that this discovery has any impact on the search for a vaccine against coronavirus.

“Currently, we have no reason to believe that the virus has become more malicious. accessions to Dr. Heidi J. Zapata, an infectious disease specialist and immunologist at Yale University — We only know that some strains are more common than others — like strain D614G”.

“However, while there is no evidence that D614G any impact on the disease”.

At the moment D614G have a total of 75 per cent of cases COVID-19.


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