An easy way to store garlic

Простой способ хранения чеснока

Many people assembled in the country garlic is very often do not survive until the spring dries up or molds. Spoiled, in a word.

The main reason lies in the improper storage of the garlic. And how to store correctly, we will cover in this article.

See also: how to dry garlic after harvesting. The tips divided cottager with years of experience.

If you want the garlic remained fresh, then do not store garlic in the fridge (he’s quickly dries up) or in bags.

Storing garlic: what you need to know

Storage of garlic (so it is kept fresh until spring and longer) the author recommends the use of glass jars.

However, before you fill the jar with the garlic, it must be sterilized.

Простой способ хранения чеснока

In a container put the dried garlic. Cover in any case not to cover — instead, use a piece of gauze, folded in several layers.

Banks with garlic author keeps right next to the radiators, and garlic with no problems experiencing all winter.

Cottagers note: what to do in order to improve the soil after harvest of garlic.

Details about this way to store garlic you can see in the video on our website. Your experience shared with us the author of the YouTube channel “URBAN FARMERS HOME KITCHEN”.


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