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In Lithuania issued the first CBDC in the world

Today on the official website of the Central Bank of Lithuania announced the digital release of a collection of coins LBCOIN, dedicated to the independence of the Republic of Lithuania and 20 citizens who signed the Act of proclamation of independent state in 1918.

LBCOIN was not only the first centralized digital currency of the Central Bank of Lithuania, but also the first launched in the treatment of CBDC in the global financial space.

Today issued 24 thousand digital tokens LBCOIN based on the NEM blockchain and is available to 4 thousands of silver collector coins.

Each silver coin is one of the signatures, confirming the Act of independence of Lithuania, and is one of the six categories (priests, presidents, diplomats, Industrialists, scientists, municipal officials).

Buying silver coin LBCOIN, collectors get to choose from six digital tokens to be exchanged for the physical collector’s coin, you can keep the coin stored in the online store LBCOIN, send as a gift, traded for other coin collectors or transfer in the public network of blockchains NEM, of course, registering a purse in the network NEM.

Issued by the Lithuanian mint silver coin LBCOIN denomination to 19.18 euros, according to the size and shape of a credit card with a picture of the act of independence and its signers. On the flip side of the coin on the Lithuanian tricolor flag, the national anthem, recorded as a binary code. The obverse of the coin depicts Vitis – coat of arms of the Republic of Lithuania, included in the QR code associated with an Internet store LBCOIN.


At a price of 99 euros LBCOIN can be purchased in the online store LBCOIN (, perform the check. In the first six days of sales, the buyer can only purchase one coin LBCOIN, then the restriction on the purchase removable.

The Bank of Lithuania, creating and maintaining an environment for the development of FINTECH innovations in the banking sector, aims to become a bridge for the traditional Finance and financial technology.



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