China successfully launched a rocket with a probe to explore Mars

Китай успешно запустил ракету с зондом для изучения Марса

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Chinese heavy carrier rocket CZ-5 (“Changzheng-5”) with the first probe to study Mars, “Tanwani-1” was launched from the spaceport Wenchang in the South China. As reported by the Central television of the country, the probe successfully entered into orbit approximately 36 minutes after the start of the flight.

Recall that the main goal of the mission is to study the red planet’s surface, its soils and the characteristics of the atmosphere, climatic conditions, and the search for water and signs of life. If successful, the probe will send the obtained data to the Earth in 2021.

Total weight of “Tianwang-1” reaches five tons, of which 1.3 tons — weight of the descent module, and 3.7 tons — the weight of the space station. It is expected that the probe will take about seven months to reach Mars. First, the machine must go on a highly elliptical orbit with a period of complete turnover of approximately 10 days, after he will maneuver to move into a polar orbit of Mars, and then again change it to new intermediate orbit.

Thus, to make landing of the descent module to Mars Plain of Utopia, the probe will stay in orbit of Mars for almost three months.

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