“You want someone looked in your ass?!”: not a children’s show for children shocked battered America

Five years on American television continued reality show that Dom-2 and other dull “soap” is not appropriate and a candle. If you’re tired of glamour, pink saliva and lips “duck”, the “Frightened, sir!” (Beyond Scared Straight) is exactly what you need to feel again the taste of life and to reconsider his attitude on many things.

Troubled Teens, given at the re-education of criminals in the most severe prison, not playing, and actually trying to change as fast as you can to leave a hell of a show.

The reality show Beyond Scared Straight, which today is the most controversial in the entire history of American television, is rooted in the distant 1978. It was then that a young and ambitious filmmaker Arnold Shapiro brought together a group of troubled Teens from different areas of Los Angeles, took the camera and went to prison. Shapiro has set a goal to introduce potential criminals that had taken place and thus affect the lives of those children.

The film, which could be called a documentary, it turned out intimidating. Criminals who are asked as real as possible to show teenagers life behind bars, does worked for cigarettes and chocolate. Threats of beatings, rape and just the choicest insults rained down on the young people from the Horn of Plenty.

Replica from the movie “Scared Straight” (“Frightened, sir!”), managed to scare and shock not only involuntary actors, but also the most skeptical of viewers.

“If you were in my cell, I’d jump on you like a kangaroo”.

This is one of the few quotations that can be presented literally, not driving anyone into the paint.

Peter Falk

The film was used only one professional actor Peter Falk, best known for the series “Lieutenant Columbo” — everything else in the film was real and terrible. But, you need to give credit to Shapiro, his experiment was successful — years later, already world famous Director gathered his actors, who managed to have children and even grandchildren. It turned out that most of them were so shocked by the prison romance that immediately after shooting began on the path of correction.

In 2011, Arnold Shapiro, best known for the series “911” and show “Big brother,” decided to go back to prison issues and start a reality show “Beyond Scared Straight”, largely repeating the 1978 film. New project Director has surpassed all expectations in popularity and in the number of complaints and protests.

Under the indifferent camera lens hardened criminals are taught the life of adolescents using simple and clear methods. Young criminals offend, cuffs and ears, dipping his head in the toilet and even try to rape her. However, the most radical action raging inmates suppress the prison staff, but this show is no less creepy.

The first editions of “Beyond Scared Straight” has caused a warm response from the audience. No show here in the States didn’t want to close as the brainchild of Shapiro. The struggle involved not only Housewives in aprons and religious activists, but also professionals from the law.

Joe Vignati, a practising lawyer with 20 years experience and consultant on the rights of juvenile offenders in all 50 States, has accused the creators of the show criminal irresponsibility and launched a campaign to ban the program.

According to Vignali, the show “Beyond Scared Straight” makes a painful impression and inspires confidence that everything in this world can only be solved by brute force. The lawyer said that everything that happens on the screen, more like a manual for survival in prison than on the program for the return of boys and girls to normal life.

Joe Vignati joined many other public figures, and even entire organizations. It got to the point that every episode of “Beyond Scared Straight” before going on the air, was considered by the Board of independent experts, which, however, could not find anything contrary to the laws of the state of California.

The show, in spite of everything, was aired 5 years and his shooting has been curtailed for the most banal reason — 9 season was frankly a disaster rating. The infernal reality show “Beyond Scared Straight” has simply run its course, but gone from American screens undefeated.

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