“Based on a true story”: a Netflix series about Schoolgirls prostitutes has caused outrage

Netflix was at the center of another scandal. Italian TV series “Baby” (Baby), which describes the life of high school girls sell their bodies, NGOs demanding immediate action to clean up the air, as the promotion of prostitution and promotion of sexual trafficking.

The series tells about the lives of two 16-year-old students of the prestigious Roman school. Girls suffer because they can not afford what is available to their classmates from wealthy families and decide to earn by trading him.

The story itself is already able to cause an uproar among the Champions of morality, but even more anger hypocrites is the fact that the series is based on absolutely true events that took place like in the movie, at one of the schools of the Eternal city.

In 2013, not chaste Italy shook sex scandal, echoes of which swept across Europe. Journalists immediately gave the event the name of the Baby Squillo — so in the jargon of the Roman working areas called child prostitution.

A more accurate name was not to think, as the two main heroines of the story loud were two high school girls from good families, one of which was 14 and the other 15 years. Young prostitutes offered themselves to adult men, and their services were in great demand.

Started your sex activity of the school in 2013 because I needed the money to meet their growing demand. The idea of prostitution came to the girlfriends after the introduction of a search query string “easy money”. Young persons are not enough beautiful clothes, expensive jewelry and independence that made them start to “work” under the pseudonym Angela and Agnes.

Clicking on one of the thematic links in the network, the Schoolgirls began to communicate with pimps Pizzutello Nunzio (Nunzio Pizzacella) and Yeni Mirko (Mirko Ieni), which began to dedicate girls to the wisdom of the oldest profession.

For new workers Mirko Yeni rented an apartment where girls can meet with their clients. Daily earnings of young prostitutes were 500-600 euros, which they head enough of the “good life” in the form of branded clothes, expensive cosmetics and jewelry.

When the mother of a 14-year-old Agnes accidentally learned the trades of her daughter, she not only stopped the girl and demanded that she pay her bills. In addition, the police were able to record a conversation with the girls mother, where the woman, in response to the complaints of his daughter, that she was tired, and it is difficult to combine work with study, advises to learn lessons before and after and try to get out “panel” at the weekend.

The woman for whom money was more important than his daughter, has received 6 years in prison and was deprived of parental rights. Angela’s mom behaved quite differently- noticing that she out of nowhere began to appear money, she reported it to the police. The investigation on the case of two underage prostitutes, was disclosed a network of supplying underage girls to rich clients.

Among men who used the services of Agnes, Angela and other Schoolgirls who were big businessmen, police officers, civil servants and even UN personnel. In total, the list includes more than 50 men. One of them, a police officer Mauro Floriani, was the husband of the granddaughter of Benito Mussolini, Alessandra Mussolini popular in Italy policy.

Prostitution in Italy is not a crime, but it is quite another thing when it involved school girls. It is obvious that the customers of the girls knew that they were dealing with minors, so justice was ruthless to fans of selling love. All customers of Agnes and Angela was sentenced to heavy fines, and some went to jail. Pimp Yeni got 10 years in prison, and his partner, Pizzutello which, by the way, military — 7 years.

Even before the release of the series of Baby, in January 2018, the Us national center on sexual exploitation has appealed to the leadership of Netflix with a request to waive the broadcast of the series. However, neither the copyright holder nor the creators of the series do not agree with the wording of the moralists.

The Director of the series, Andrea de sica, told reporters that he had taken on a serious responsibility to show the problems of modern teenagers trapped in adult nocturnal world, full of dangers and unexpected consequences. Especially de sica said in an interview with the fact that the show is completely missing the sex scenes.

Representatives from Netflix and completely ignored the attacks on the picture, without giving any comments and continuing the show that caused such a violent reaction.

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