Called the fruit, it is best destroying the cholesterol in the body

Avocado is a product, one of the best destroyers of harmful cholesterol in the body, said “Moscow speaking” the editor and translator of cookbooks Olga Ivinskaya. She noted that hypoallergen avocado, mashed it, even give children under one year as foods.

Назван фрукт, лучше всего уничтожающий холестерин в организме

Avocado is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which are necessary for the heart. And potassium, avocado is even more rich than bananas.

In the composition of avocado contains magnesium and low in sodium. This is the best fruit for the heart, says Ivinskaya. “The balance of substances in the pulp that avocado and even recommended in slimming diets”, she added. In fact, avocado has no cholesterol.

Avocado can be used in the preparation of soup with fiber crab meat or surimi. Avocado is better to combine with foods with a delicate flavor, avoid sharp, pointed cook. In total there are about a thousand varieties of avocado, but in Russia only imported 5 of them.


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