Found a way to “see” the skin

Найден способ «видеть» кожей

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A group of scientists from the Baltic Federal University of Kant in Kaliningrad beginning of the development of innovative device for sensory vision, it will literally “see” the skin, reports RIA Novosti with reference to data of the University.

The principle of vision sensory scientists have known for a long time. In the late sixties, experiments were conducted when the back of a man laid out a matrix of vibrating elements. The items uploaded to images and even letters, but the man himself can determine what is “depicted” on his back.

Now technology has progressed and the research team is developing a device that a blind person might use in everyday life. The idea is that the man wears on his head the 3D camera, it reads the image, and the embedded computer in real time creates a map of the distance of objects and the signal is transmitted to the user using vibrometric. What’s the subject closer, the greater would be the signal.

Now scientists are able to build a three-dimensional map of the distance of objects, and for image processing developed a special program. The next step is developing the controller and vibrometric with high resolution.

Vibrometric is a new word in inclusive technologies. They develop for the deaf and the blind, there are matrices that, for example, are able to recognize numbers. The main problem is the resolution. Kaliningrad scientists propose the whole array of visual information to convey through the sense of touch, for the implementation of this concept need extra-sensitive image sensor, which has no analogues in the rest of the world.

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