Installing glass door to the steam room of the baths

Установка стеклянной двери в парилку бани

With the installation of wooden doors, according to experienced masters, lots of problems, so if possible, it is better to install glass doors.

Difficult to install glass doors there is nothing, but there are some nuances that we would like to tell you about.

If you like after the bath to fry the meat in the fresh air, we advise you to pay attention to portable oven-grill, which can be done by hand.

The intricacies of installing glass doors

Glass door screwed to a wooden box, which is then inserted into a doorway. Alignment in all planes at the level of the bearing stand (which is bolted hinges), mounted on the screws.

By the way, screws are best to use yellow. Unlike blacks, they don’t break off when tightening, and can withstand heavy loads.

Then close the door, and put the opposite stance, focusing on the glass. Exposed thus to smooth the gap. Then fasten the screws.

Установка стеклянной двери в парилку бани

There is another important aspect that you need to know (especially newbies) — any door (wood or glass) should be opened always in the direction of exit of the steam, and in any case not inside.

The gaps between the wall and door frame it is best to seal the hemp (or flax). Densely it is not necessary, the main task tow — to hold the heat of the steam. Then nail the frames.

Установка стеклянной двери в парилку бани

Read more about installing glass doors and a steam bath you can see in the video below. This review is based on the YouTube video channel “Own hands“.


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