The parasite laid eggs in the liver, a gourmet after he ate half-baked fish

Unlucky foodie from China had to remove half of the liver after it settled a parasite — because eaten them undercooked fish.

55-year-old Hangzhou resident surnamed Xie began to suffer from loss of appetite, fatigue and light pain in the abdomen after a trip to Sichuan in February. But it is not addressed to the doctor, thinking that everything is related to depression. Turned out, everyone was wrong.

Four months later, the man still went to the hospital after he spiked a temperature and was shivering. The doctors were stunned when they discovered in the liver of a patient with massive purulent abscess 7.5 inches long. The infection has spread so much that half the body had to be removed.

Further examination showed that the abscess was a countless number of eggs of the Chinese liver Fluke is a parasite that lives in raw seafood, and Behold, probably contracted in Sichuan. Moreover, the man admitted that he deliberately ate half-baked fish, because I thought that this preserves the taste.

By the way, it should be noted that in some sense the CoE is lucky Fluke can live in the human body 20-30 years, laying up to 2 thousand eggs.

Now the man already goes on the amendment. However, it is unlikely in the near future he will want to treat yourself to a fish tartare.


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