How to clean yourself well using “the Kid”

To increase debit of the well and water quality, you need to periodically clean it. You need to hire professionals or to solve the problem on their own falling into the pit on the ropes with the bucket. You can also make various accessories, allowing you to scoop silt and sand, but it takes time, materials and assistants. If cleaning is done only by one person, then the easiest way to drain the dregs by means of two pumps.

Как почистить колодец самому используя «Малыш»

What you’ll need:

  • submersible pump, type “Baby”;
  • drain pump 15 cubic meters/hour or better;
  • hoses;
  • clip;
  • brass elbow 90 degree 3/4 inch;
  • the barrel is 3/4 inch;
  • a rope or a cable.

Как почистить колодец самому используя «Малыш»

Как почистить колодец самому используя «Малыш»

The process of cleaning the well with their hands

The essence of the method is to use two pumps. Conventional low-cost vibration works on the agitation of the water. He picks up a suspension, blurring the sand. At this time, the drain pump drains the dirty muddy water from a well outside. That is, with her little out the accumulated silt. The process continues for hours, but does not require constant monitoring. You need to periodically check the water level below the pumps began to run dry and plunge them deeper.

Как почистить колодец самому используя «Малыш»

To blur the sand must be installed on vibration pump piece of hose and put on his knee with the barrel. Then the barrel is installed another piece of hose and tucks down. Thus, the jet pump will reach the bottom of the well, thereby to stir up all the sludge.

Как почистить колодец самому используя «Малыш»

Across the ring well fits crossbar, to which are attached pumps.

Как почистить колодец самому используя «Малыш»

Then to vibration electric pump is attached a rope or cable, and it sinks to the bottom. It is important that it lay, and was a little above the level sand.

Как почистить колодец самому используя «Малыш»

Then goes down a drain pump for pumping dirty water.

Как почистить колодец самому используя «Малыш»

It is equipped with a long hose or sleeve, the edge of which you can take away on the site, which can be drained pumped the dregs. You need to check that the hose was not perejimas at the exit from the ring, as the contraction will crush the pump and it will not download.

Как почистить колодец самому используя «Малыш»

Running both pumps need to pump out muddy water. The level in the well should be checked periodically. As care sand pumps are required to be deeper, closer to the bottom with dirt. If the pit has a wide ring, the pumps are also necessary sometimes to rearrange the perimeter for uniform pumping of the dregs. The pumped water can drain just the plot, but then it clogged with sand and yellow clay. You can dig a small hole and pour there. In this case, a heavy haze settled on her bottom, and cleaner water without the heavy slurry will be spread on the area across the top of the pit.

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