To save the campaign: why trump resumed briefings on COVID-19

Спасти кампанию: зачем Трамп возобновил брифинги по COVID-19The American media criticized U.S. President Donald trump for his rhetoric on renewed briefings on the coronavirus in the White house. Reporters noted that the President continues to talk about the events in an overly positive manner, but in the country from the infection die every day more than 1 million people. A mixed reaction is caused by the desire of the President to open schools in the United States in the apparent worsening of the epidemiological situation.

The President of the United States Donald trump is facing criticism amid renewed his press briefings at the White house, which was interrupted in may. In recent days, the head of state three times already and spoke to reporters.

Columnist writes CNN’s Stephen Collinson, the third briefing of the President last July 24, has become one of the most outrageous as trump continues to downplay the real scale of the pandemic coronavirus in the United States. Moreover, the President announced the cancellation of the Republican national Convention in Florida because of the poor epidemiological situation in the state, but have tried to present this decision as a “good example” for others.

The journalist said separately that the President for many months ignored the need for social distancing and use of personal protective equipment such as masks, thereby giving a bad example for Americans, and now wears a mask and changes his rhetoric.

The situation with coronavirus in the southern American States, including Florida, is really quite serious. Most regions of the country have even begun to reintroduce restrictions to combat the pandemic: the closed bars and restaurants, mass gatherings are postponed, and also you enter mask mode.

However, trump was at the briefing announced that the US was an amazing week, United the country in the fight against the “China virus.”

“I reminded people about the importance of masks, especially in places where you can’t distance yourself from other people. In addition, young Americans sent a strong message about the termination of visiting crowded places, particularly bars,” — said the President of the United States.

Given that the US continues to be the number of infected and died from the coronavirus, the President’s words a number of us media is perceived in a negative way. According to the latest data, the number of victims in the country for the third consecutive day more than 1 thousand people per day were identified 68 thousand new cases of infection. The total number of the infected has already crossed the mark of 4 million people and the death toll reached 144 thousand

In such circumstances, trump’s words about an “amazing week” do appear somewhat ambiguous, since statistics clearly indicates the deterioration of the situation. However, the President of the United States in fact from the very beginning of the epidemic, adhere to the “positive” agenda, what he admitted in the spring.

Worsens the situation is that trump continues to require States to open schools, allowing for the continuation of distance learning in only the most affected by the pandemic regions.

The President’s actions in this plane is actively criticized by American doctors, believing such a step premature.

Loss rating

As Politico wrote, initially it was expected that the resumption of briefings trump is related to the change of attitude of the President on the coronavirus — experts predicted more serious approach as a response to the serious needs of the population. In the end, however, little change in President occurred.

“It becomes also evident that the return of the briefings has nothing to do with a truly new “tone” or providing reliable information to the American people,” — said Stephen Collinson CNN.

There is a legitimate question, why the U.S. President came back to chat with reporters. From the perspective of Western media, the main reason this practice was the rapid decline of the image of the tramp in the background of his controversial remarks during the event. For example, in one of the previous briefings the President is seriously suggested to make the vaccine from the bleach, as it is good at removing the virus from surfaces and clothing.

If new briefings do not differ, then the President likely will continue to suffer loss of reputation, and it is not very profitable on the eve of new presidential elections.

The rating of trump and so is at a low level. According to the YouGov survey of 23 July, the actions of the President approve only 40% of respondents are dissatisfied with the trump 58% of Americans. At the same time, the study from July 19 — prior to the resumption of briefings is positively estimated work of the head of state 43% of respondents, and negative — 55%.

The threat of elections

However, his future rival in the election, former Vice President of USA Joe Biden — is more popular among Americans, which creates certain risks for the leader of the United States.

So, according to the YouGov survey of 21 July, at the national level 48% of respondents support Biden and only 41% are ready to vote for trump. By the way, intend to go to the polls, about 85% of Americans and 3% have not yet made a final decision.

Problems trump with the ranking is quite obvious, although the fact resume the briefings still here plays too big a role.

The main problem is that they do not yet meet the needs of the population to fight the virus, as the efforts of the US government to some extent, undermines the “positive approach” of the President.

Also added to this economic crisis caused by the pandemic and measures to combat it, a record number of unemployed, and in General the continuation of the epidemic on American soil. Probably, the tactics of the President to divert attention from the virus, including by shifting the blame for the pandemic on China, does not work well, and the change in strategy is not too noticeable.

However, certain progress in this respect, and briefings — one of the first of such signals. Second may be called the trump wearing a mask in public. As wrote the Western media, the President is extremely concerned about the drop in their ratings, which reorganized his campaign staff, including replacing campaign Manager. Probably, after change of the head of the election headquarters, we can expect the change of the President’s rhetoric since the General election is just over three months and all of his speech can be viewed in the framework of the campaign.


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