The Japanese are developing “breathe” a vaccine against coronavirus

Японцы разрабатывают «вдыхаемую» вакцину от коронавируса

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Japanese scientists began developing a vaccine against coronavirus. With its help, the human body must produce antibodies in the nose, writes TASS.

A vaccine specialists of the University of Kitasato in Tokyo, headed by Kazuhiko Katayama. Substance you plan to enter people through the nose. It is expected that it will help in the production of antibodies in the back of human nasal cavities.

The vaccine will consist of needle-like microscopic molecules that enter the nose along with inhale and settle on the mucous membrane. The immune system reacts to the drug the production of antibodies, which will not let the virus in the human body. Katayama believes that such method of protection against coronavirus may be more effective than vaccines that are injected into the blood.

“The new coronavirus have individual differences, as in particular body produces antibodies, and we don’t know how long they would last. Therefore, we would like to confirm efficiency of the developed method for the vaccination,” — said the expert.

Soon a group of Japanese scientists will begin testing their product on animals.

Russian vaccine against coronavirus can appear this fall. Clinical drug trials are successful.

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