How to make motokazu if the starter is broken

Как завести мотокосу если стартер сломался

If the starter brushcutters broke but urgently need to mow the grass on the site, you can use a small trick. The proposed method will also help to quickly start the engine benzonase after long idle time, when it is transfused or injected into the carburetor lack of fuel.

What you’ll need:

  • end head 14 mm;
  • the bolt under the head;
  • a drill or screwdriver.

The process of starting brushcutters

To start the engine brushcutters necessary to remove the starter for access to the nut fastening direction.

Как завести мотокосу если стартер сломался

Then in the end head is inserted into the bolt thread forward so that his hat was still inside. The edge of the bolt is clamped in the Chuck of a drill.

Как завести мотокосу если стартер сломался

Как завести мотокосу если стартер сломался

The head fits over the nut of the ratchet, and drill run. As soon as the mower starts, it is necessary to pull the drill towards yourself to remove the head.

Как завести мотокосу если стартер сломался

This method allows to solve the problem start if you have access to a power outlet. If you use a battery screwdriver, the method works everywhere, the main thing that speed was enough to start the engine. It is so easy and fast that repairing the starter will not want.

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