What flowers to give to the teacher

Какие цветы дарить учителю

Despite the fact that summer is in full swing, most parents have already started preparation for the future school year. There’s so much to do more: to buy school uniforms, stationery, backpack and so on. And with what a bouquet of flowers your child will go on 1 September? Token class teacher is a very important point. If you want to arrange the teacher to the child in a positive way, at least order a bouquet of flowers. No need to spend a lot of money, the flowers in Omsk you can buy on any budget. Along with a florists company we made his TOP 3 bouquets, which often give teachers.


The birthplace of the flower is Peru, so florists often call it the Lily of the Incas or Peruvian Lily. Look bouquets with roses fresh and beautiful, especially in combination with roses and eustoma. Since e Bush plant, each branch is located at 6-8 buds, so bouquets of Alstroemeria are obtained lush and delicious smelling. Some sources say that Alstroemeria symbolizes the Sun (so the name of the flower translates from the language of the Incas). Others draw an analogy with the internal strength and weakness of the female character. Whatever interpretation you choose, a bouquet of Alstroemeria is the perfect gift for any women (for the teacher, in particular). Alstroemeria attracts prosperity, wealth and good fortune.

Какие цветы дарить учителю


If you can’t decide on colors for teacher, always make the choice in favor of roses. This bouquet will be relevant for any reason, including on 1 September. It is important not to make mistakes is that the color of the buds: pink symbolizes tenderness, yellow — separation and red talking about love. That’s why we recommend avoiding these colors when selecting the teacher’s bouquet. Will focus on less “worn-out” options: Burgundy, dark blue, fuchsia.


Despite its “revolutionary” past, carnations are still many people associated with bouquet for the teacher. Not necessarily they should be purple-red, carnations have many varieties of different colors. An elegant bouquet of carnations even men will perceive quite adequately, but in this case, choose dark colors: dark red, maroon, purple. But if the bouquet you’re giving the woman a better look at the bright carnation.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to choose the bouquet that you will give to teacher on 1 September.

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