85 years old and still fit: 4 generations of women of the family marry in the same dress

It all began with Maria Teresa Moreno — now the family calls it Grande (Grande), a young and talented dressmaker, who moved to Los Angeles from Mexico. In America she was engaged to Manuel Moreno, who worked at Universal Pictures cartoonist. The girl saw in the wedding dress store and she decided to sew like silk.

The couple had four children — two sons and two daughters. When one of the daughters, Anita, married in 1957, she gave up the dress of the mother, who all this time kept. Maria made her more.

The wedding of Maria Theresa and Manuel Moreno in 1932.

However, when daughter Anita, Mar, gathered under the crown in 1983 for school love Kevin O’hara, she wanted to wear my mother’s dress, but it is poorly preserved. Then Anita remembered my grandmother’s dress and pulled it from the closet. “The dress was just lying in the box, there was no case — says March, but it was in excellent condition. Even before I saw him fully, his silhouette, I just touched the soft silk and said I would wear it.”

Wedding of Martha and Kevin O’hare in 1983.

In 1997, Martha’s sister, Helena, got married in the same dress her grandmother. After this wedding dress patiently waited 20 years, until the daughter, Marta, Pilar, has not engaged with Nick Casaubon in April 2017.

Wedding Elena and RIC Salinas in 1997.

Pilar, the daughter of Martha in dress great-grandmother in September 2017.

Mar with the grandmother Maria and Manuel.

Mar with grandma Mary.

Anita and Pablo’s wedding day in 1957 with my parents.

“I always knew about the legendary dress, but it was something unattainable until I got engaged — said Pilar. — After the engagement I went to grandma Anita home to try it. When I put it on and saw myself in the mirror, I realized that this is it. It fit well, was like a glove. Never in my life I would not go to choose the Bridal gown that didn’t mean anything to me, unlike this family dresses”.

Anita spent a month choosing a dry cleaner, where she could trust a precious thing. “Mom is very superstitious. She didn’t want to spend a ton of money, giving the dress to the dry cleaners until someone actually getting married. It protects the dress”.

It is curious that the dress is not stitched and is not increased because it had to fit all four women. The only thing that changed, besides the shortening of the long loop is added and removed the lace, beads and other small parts are in accordance with the fashion of the time.

In the near future in close-knit family more weddings are not expected, but 15-year-old niece Martha has claimed a dress. Meanwhile, the legendary outfit neatly tucked away in the closet and waiting in the wings.

Martha, who lives in California, said in an interview that the fact that she and her daughter Pilar got married in the same dress, makes her an incredible feeling. “This link between generations, the relationship with our grandmother who I was very close (Maria passed away in 2009). She lived near me and we see each other often. Grandmother lived to be 98 years old. My children grew up and had the good fortune to know her.”

“Grandmother would be happy to know that her granddaughter wanted to get married in her dress.”

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