Shelves for shoes (making from ceramic tiles)

Этажерка для обуви (делаем из керамической плитки)

After repairs in the house or apartment might also be tiles. Throw her out of pity, and could not be attached. If you are faced with this situation, we want to offer you an interesting idea.

In this review, the author will share a simple way from ceramic tiles to make shelves for shoes.

This bookcase can be installed in the hallway or take, for example, to the country. And she, unlike wooden and metal shelves have an advantage — she is not afraid of water.

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Start to work

The first thing you will need to make the side wall shelves. Cut ceramic tile blanks, then connect them together as shown in the photo below.

Этажерка для обуви (делаем из керамической плитки)

Please note: between the small pieces of tiles should be a gap the thickness of the tiles.

On make shelves on which to house the shoes. Using the grinder cut the prepared tile so that it fits across the width of the side walls.

Этажерка для обуви (делаем из керамической плитки)

Install shelves shelves in the grooves, fix all components using liquid nails. The ends of the tiles painted white (the color of the tile).

Этажерка для обуви (делаем из керамической плитки)

Этажерка для обуви (делаем из керамической плитки)

Read more about how to make a bookcase for shoes ceramic tiles, you can see in the video below. The idea belongs to the author’s YouTube channel Penpen 1 vn.


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