The atmosphere of fear: how the terrorist attack changed in Lutsk Ukraine

Атмосфера страха: как теракт в Луцке изменил УкраинуThe taking of hostages in luck made President Vladimir Zelensky, for the sake of their lives to fulfill the requirement of the terrorist. However, in its decision, the President of Ukraine created a dangerous precedent that could open a window for the recurrence of such incidents, the first example can be considered as the recent hostage situation in the Poltava region. According to experts, Zelensky followed an electoral logic, but the situation is worsening the deplorable state of the judicial system of the country, which allows many criminals to escape punishment.

Lutsk district court arrested for two months without the right of bail Ukrainian Maxim Krivosha, captured on 21 July, the bus with 13 passengers. Thus, the court granted the prosecution regarding the measure of restraint for the detainee.

The hostage-taking in Lutsk became quite revealing incident in the Ukraine. SBU has classified the action Krivosha as a terrorist attack, and the interior Ministry opened a criminal case on the attacker on three counts — the taking of hostages, infringement of life of law enforcement officer and illegal arms trafficking.

Compressor not just took hostage 13 people, but also threatened to use weapons against them.

The terrorist has put forward a series of demands to the Ukrainian authorities, including the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

First, the attacker wanted the heads of courts, ministries, Prosecutor’s office, Parliament, churches recorded a video message with the recognition that they are “terrorists law”.

About Zelensky was a separate requirement to record the video call to watch the movie “Earthlings” about animal cruelty. After ten hours of negotiations, the President made concessions and complied with the call of the terrorist, which eventually led to the release of all hostages and detained Krivosha.

The atmosphere of fear

Zelensky fulfilled the requirement of the attacker after a telephone conversation with him, during which the head of state managed to persuade the offender to first release a few people as a first step. In fact the act of the President of Ukraine has allowed to resolve the situation without casualties, and the required roller was safely removed after the arrest of the terrorist.

However, the actions Zelensky has caused ambiguous reaction in Ukraine and in other countries, due to the fact that the President has violated one of the key principles of negotiating with terrorists — concessions.

If we consider the situation in the Ukrainian media space, while it is dominated by two opinions: positive and negative. The head of state’s supporters believe that Zelensky did the right thing, as his actions eventually helped to save the hostages.

The second group relate to the President’s action with considerable misgivings, because by complying with the requirements of the terrorist, the President could actually trigger a wave of similar incidents by giving a radical example of how to attain what they want changes from the government.

Confirmation of their fears that long a wait is made. Soon in Poltava region the man took in hostages of the chief of criminal investigation Department of main police Department of the region. A new incident happened almost the day after the terrorist attack in luck, therefore a certain parallel between these cases is indeed observed.

The attacker from the Poltava region went into a hostage situation due to the fact that police arrested him for car theft. The man began to threaten law enforcement officers with a grenade, took one of the employees and demanded not to bring him to justice. In the end the situation was resolved relatively peacefully, the offender is still released of the hostage, but he managed to escape — at present, the Ukrainian law enforcers carried out a special operation on its search and detention.

As stated “Газете.Ru” the head of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management (FAMP) Ruslan Bortnik,

these incidents directly link all the same it is impossible, but a psychological and an information link can be traced here.

“The President did what was demanded by public opinion — were saved the lives of his fellow citizens. He followed the domestic and electoral logic, the society certainly supports it. But accompanying Lutsk terrorist Zelensky has created a huge strategic threat, as subsequent terrorist acts will be considered through the prism of this case and the conduct of the President. That is not encouraged if the President is performing the requirements of subsequent terrorist attacks. Moreover, there is a question that Zelensky will be ready to go next time, for the sake of preserving the lives of their fellow citizens,” — said the expert.

Bortnik also indicates that these two incidents were not the only examples of individual terrorism. Recently in Kiev the underground blew up the garbage, which injured several people.

Posts about mining in various parts of the country occur constantly and separately for the population affected by the unwinding of rumors about the imminent “invasion of Russia”.

“Society is in a state of fear and tension that may play in favor of certain politicians. Due to this population is easier to manipulate and divert attention from the key problems of the state”, — the expert added.

Fake a terrorist attack?

The possible involvement of some political forces to attack really is of interest to Ukrainian companies. For example,

the local media actively unwinds the assumption that the Lutsk attack could be orchestrated by the action of the authorities of Ukraine, aimed at improving the ranking Zelensky.

In defense of this theory stands the fact that the performance of the President really leave much to be desired. According to the July survey by the sociological group “Rating”, work Zelensky approve 37% of respondents, and negative assessments of the President, 59% of Ukrainians. A year ago supported the President by 58% of respondents, against were only 19%.

Supporters of the “false attack” and lead to a number of key arguments in confirmation of their suspicions. First, it is doubtful revealing the assault of a bus in luck after the release of the hostages. Secondly, the requirement to Krivosha Zelensky and other politicians were absolutely different — in fact, the terrorist asked the President to fulfill a mere trifle.

Thirdly, it is unknown why control of the operation was the MVD, not the SBU — that her responsibilities include the resolution of such situations. Moreover, proponents noticed an unusual bus route, the fact of two prior convictions Krivosha and unexpected discovery of social networks of terrorist shortly before the attack.

“It is unlikely that the situation in Lutsk was directed, but in Ukraine a lot of people traumatized by war in Donbass — only veterans of the anti-terrorist operation more than 100 thousand people.

Do not rule out that some of these people is in a reactive state and, potentially, the overall situation in the country may provoke them to such behavior. Discreetly push them to such actions by anyone and anything”, — said Ruslan Bortnik.

In the story there were a lot of grotesque on the part of law enforcement and politicians, the expert continued, they frankly outplayed that perfectly illustrates the assault of the bus after the departure of the hostages. However, it explains the current situation in Ukraine, where representatives of power structures are politicians fighting for a good mediacasting.

The lack of political will

However, apart from the “conspiracy theories” and return to the main problem of the terrorist attack in luck, then comes to the fore is the risk of recurrence of such incidents created by Zelensky. The situation worsens by the fact that the work of law enforcement and judicial authorities in Ukraine in recent years can not be called exemplary.

Predecessor Zelensky Petro Poroshenko has created fertile ground for the growth of various radical nationalist movements that in the end actually led to their impunity.

In this case, it is indicative of a series of recent attacks by radical members of the opposition party of Sharia. Then the police reacted to the beating of politicians formally — only in some cases, filing criminal cases, and that under article hooliganism.

A similar situation can also be seen in high profile investigations, including the murders of journalists Pavel Sheremet and Olesya Elderberry, which are still not brought to its logical conclusion. Among the suspects in these cases are representatives of radical groups and veterans of the ATO that are likely to interfere with the indictment.

As noted by Ruslan Bortnik, the weakness of law enforcement system in Ukraine is obvious that, in General, provokes people to behaviors and actions similar to Lutsk a terrorist attack.

“Unfortunately, in many cases, for crimes or enforcement actions with a weapon are veterans of the war in the Donbass, the representatives of volunteer movements and right-wing groups. Today they dominate the streets and the government does not want to engage them in conflict. Often law enforcement and the judicial system is disarmed — “toothless” — in front of similar groups. They manage to avoid punishment, which only encourages new crimes,” — said the expert.

The main problem is the lack of political will and readiness of the security agencies to cover their employees by taking on political responsibility, said Bortnik, as it is not today, law enforcement officers and judges remain alone on their side of the law, but at the same time, without proper support, they look extremely weak.


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