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Network Ethereum conduct test merging blockchains and ETH 2.0 ETH

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin reported on the achievements of the developers to ensure the compatibility of two separate circuits cryptocurrencies, old and new, which in the future will have to work together.

Your comment acne Buterin left under the message a leading developer of project Danny Ryan, who posted screenshots showing how the merger of the two chains will look in the code.

слияние двух цепей будет выглядеть на уровне кода

Ryan also confirmed that the final test Ethereum network 2.0 Medalla is set to launch on 4 August. He explained that Medalla is significantly different from the currently used test network Altona, as “created for the community and supported them.” A previous test of the network was considered “denetimi” that is primarily focused on developers, customers and researchers Ethereum Foundation.

The start condition Medalla is the presence of 16,384 validators, which should make for staking 524 288 test ETH. If this requirement is not completed by August 2, the launch will have to wait.

Early start Ethereum 2.0 and the associated benefits of scalability and performance gain relevance in connection with the growth of activity in the network of cryptocurrency. According to Glassnode daily use of gas is constantly updating the highs of the past month holds above 70-billion-dollar mark. Compared to levels of the beginning of the year the figure had doubled.

ежедневное использование газа постоянно обновляет максимумы

Recognize the problem and supporters of Ethereum:

“DeFi and Ethereum are not yet ready for mass distribution, said co-founder Anthony EthHub Sassano.

If you play with them now, consider yourself a pioneer of new technology. That is the reality. With time the situation will improve. Don’t miss your home.”

Publication date 25.07.2020
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