How to make clamp for T-track

Hello, dear readers and DIY!
Some of You already have equipped their benches and other working surfaces of machine tools of the so-called T-tracks that serve as excellent guides for the various snap-ins and carriages.
Also quite common is a universal hold-down clamp for T-track, the cost of which, surprisingly, is unreasonably high.
In this article, the author of the YouTube channel “Woodsmith” will tell you how You can make such clips of your own.
Как сделать прижим для Т-трека

This art project is very easy to manufacture, and can be repeated in a few minutes.
— The timber of deciduous breeds of wood
Bakelite wing nut M8
— T-bolt M8, washer
— Sandpaper, linseed oil.
The tools used by the author.
Mini drill press
Drum grinding head
The combined angular ruler, pencil, file.
The process of making.
So the factory clamp as follows. It consists of a T-bolt, wing nut, and aluminum legs.
Using it is very convenient to press the workpiece on the table of the drilling machine, the carriage for a circular saw.
Как сделать прижим для Т-трекаКак сделать прижим для Т-трекаКак сделать прижим для Т-трекаThe author proposes to make a foot clamp from a piece of wood (solid hardwood) dimensions 152X38X32 mm.
He kindly provided a drawing of the future legs. Every cell in the drawing has sides ½ inch.
Как сделать прижим для Т-трекаКак сделать прижим для Т-трекаThe contours of the lateral side of the foot is transferred to the workpiece, it is necessary to print the image to scale.
It is important to consider the location of the wood fibers, so that the foot does not burst with the loads.
Как сделать прижим для Т-трекаКак сделать прижим для Т-трекаFirst, however, the author recommends that you mark to drill a hole with a diameter of 8 mm for M8 bolts.
Как сделать прижим для Т-трекаThen the workpiece is rotated on a side, and the leg is cut on the bandsaw.
After that, the hole should be made oval with a file.
Как сделать прижим для Т-трекаКак сделать прижим для Т-трекаIn the Chuck of the drilling machine is mounted a drum grinding head, and she handled the surface of the foot.
The piece You can make yourself acquainted with the following article.
After grinding it is necessary to impregnate the foot of linseed oil or varnish to protect from moisture.
Как сделать прижим для Т-трекаT-bolt is threaded through the hole in the foot, it is worn on the puck, and screwed wing nut M8 with a head of bakelite. They can also be done independently, for example, in a recent article it was told about the manufacture of nuts of the rosewood.
Как сделать прижим для Т-трекаWhen cutting out the pieces for the legs, you can take a wide thick Board, and mark it on several parts, You will save a lot of wood.
Как сделать прижим для Т-трекаOf course, the same foot can be made from strips of wood, steam it, bent to the desired angle, and fixed at the time of drying.
I thank the author for a simple but useful device for the carpentry workshop!
If You liked this device, I recommend to read it more sophisticated and improved version.
Как сделать прижим для Т-трекаAll good mood, sound health, and interesting ideas!
The author’s video can be found here.


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