Looks like the end of the world: the artist makes realistic horror miniatures possible.

Artist and photographer, Lori nix from Kansas, where it is constantly carried by a tornado for a long time, inspired by the imminent end of the world. Whether it’s a flood? Maybe a meteorite? Or nuclear attack? And how would it look?

Knicks now lives in Brooklyn and uses her talent in needlework and photography to offer your answer to these questions. In these amazingly detailed scenes — a flooded power station, a crumbling Laundry, abandoned library with trees growing through the floor. Each miniature-sized doll house: 50 × 61 × 183 cm, the Artist takes them on film, and it seems that this is actually a full-sized scene.

Looks like this is the library I walked tornado or the consequences of a meteorite. The roof caved in and debris scattered all over the floor.

Bar in a hurry left by people.

Abandoned casino.

Nuclear power station after the flood. All control panels are rusted.

In the Laundry no longer washes.

In the library trees sprouted through the floor.

The room with the dinosaurs in an abandoned Museum. Feel like dinosaurs come to life and created the chaos themselves.

Abandoned beauty salon. The artist stuck his hand through the door to give a visual representation of the scale of their miniatures.

Will be like metro trains, which will remain on the surface after the end of the world.

Office. Amazingly accurate and realistic details, from which it becomes even a little creepy.

Theatre after the end of the last season on earth.

Nature gradually takes hold of an abandoned shopping center.

Hall of cards is slowly collapsing.

The Observatory is a place where people looked at the sky to better understand the world — was gradually deserted and for rent flora.

The Church after the end of the world.

Chinese fast food. All that is left is a dusty moped and trash on the floor.

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