The most popular Soviet movies in the 1980-ies

The blogger writes Vitaly Deborra: “Why in the 80s, you ask. Just these years has been my childhood. It was in the 80s, I often run in the movie. First with parents, then with my friends and classmates. And why Hollywood? Well, first, about a domestic I have more to say, and secondly, the us gave some kind of romance.

What do you think of the American films were the most popular in the 80s?”

Failed at the American box office remake of “king Kong” and its sequel “king Kong lives”. Together both films has collected about 100 million viewers in 1988.

Next in popularity is “the Abyss”, which in 1981 has collected nearly 38 million viewers.

The fourth place went to “Convoy” at 35.9 million viewers in 1985.

The top five “Man from the stars”, which in 1987 gathered 35.8 million viewers.

Tootsie — 34.8 million in 1984.

“Death among the icebergs” — 33 million in 1982.

“Romancing the stone” — 32.7 million in 1989.

“Short circuit” — 31.7 million in 1988.

“Party” — 30.4 million in 1983.

“In jazz only girls” — 28,9 million when re-screening in 1985.

“Spartak” — 28,2 million when re-screening in 1984.

“Once in America” — 27.6 million in 1989.

“The bedroom window” and 27.1 million in 1988.

“Hurricane” — 25.3 million in 1982.

“Enemy mine” — 24.3 million in 1989.

“Stunt man” — 23,9 million in 1982.

I will add a couple of movies, which is why it is not found in the list. “Flight of the Navigator”.

And “Dundee nicknamed Crocodile” with all the sequels, which, according to my memories, was very popular in 1988.

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