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Водяной насос из моторчика из подручных средствNot simple say that a man can endlessly look at how the water flows – a view of shimmering water and its murmur can actually soothe and relax anyone. Incidentally, these are often used by designers very often in the role of decorative elements of the interior are various fountains, waterfalls, or just a pool of shimmering water, these “toys” not only decorate the room but also have a beneficial effect on the psychological state of a person. Unfortunately, these decorative items are usually a lot – because in addition to their complex shape, which provides sealed containers and reservoirs, and used electronics – used for pumping water the pump is necessary. Many people have been creating these things yourself and also encounter the problem of finding a suitable pump, because it should simultaneously be small in order not to occupy much space in the case, and also have a little noise at sufficient power of the jet, to raise the column of water at least for a short distance. Of course, you can always go and look for similar pumps on sale, but if the design is improvised, why the pump doesn’t create with his own hands? Moreover, for it requires only a small motor DC 5-9V, superglue and some plastic bottles, or simply cutting plexiglass. Of course, such a motor is unlikely to possess the perfect features, but it will be enough to pump a small volume of water, besides, he absolutely will not take cash, especially if you find one junk motor. Consider a phased build process.
Водяной насос из моторчика из подручных средств The first step is to find a suitable jar – it should be about 2-4 cm in diameter and at least 2cm in height. Problems with this should arise, it is possible to use practically any container, for example, from the vitamins or similar pills. In a pinch, you can always go shopping and buy vitamins in a suitable jar. The main requirement – that plastic was pliable enough to cut it with scissors, but sturdy enough not to wrinkle at the slightest effort. After a suitable jar is found, it is necessary to prepare – cut in half, as pictured above, leaving the distance from the bottom to the size of 2-3 cm with lid Part can be discarded, and the bottom part with the need to create a pump.
Водяной насос из моторчика из подручных средств In this part you need to drill two holes – one for the motor shaft, the diameter of it must be such as to freely pass the shaft. The second – under the water outlet from the pump, it is drilled at the center of the lateral surface of the cylindrical workpiece, the diameter can be about 4-6 mm, depending on the hose that will connect to the pump. The holes in the plastic, you can either drill a conventional drill, or, if nothing to do with a hot nail or awl plastic easily melts and becomes pliable. If you use this method be sure to include the hood or abundant ventilation, because the fumes from heated plastic is very toxic.
Водяной насос из моторчика из подручных средствВодяной насос из моторчика из подручных средствAfter the “body” of the pump in the form of a cylindrical billet is prepared, you can make the cap – it will close an open end of a cylindrical workpiece. As you can guess, the diameter of the “cap” should be equal to the diameter of the body, in the future, they need to be air-tightly joined with each other. The center “cap” also drilled a hole with a diameter of about 7-8 mm, as in the photo above, through this hole, water will get inside the pump casing. Therefore, you should get something like a plastic washer cut you from any unnecessary plastic or a piece of plexiglass (Plexiglas).
Водяной насос из моторчика из подручных средствВодяной насос из моторчика из подручных средствNow you need to make the pump wheel is perhaps the most important stage in the Assembly of the pump. The impeller is located inside a cylindrical housing and is driven through the motor. As the basis of the impeller used gear that fits onto the motor shaft. It should be glued on a round piece of plastic, it is possible to use, for example, transparent plastic boxes of candy are TIC TACs. The diameter of this “washer” must be less than the diameter of the housing, so that the washer could freely rotate inside together with the impeller. In the center it is drilled a hole to fit the motor shaft. Then out of the same plastic from the tick-tock cut of the blade – shaped they have to be to be smaller than the diameter of the body, but only with a small gap, its increase will lead to inefficient operation of the pump. The blades should be glued to the gear to the round “puck” as shown in the photo. It is important to observe the alignment, because the large runout will cause a strong vibration from the pump will quickly fail. The angle between the blades should be 90 degrees, the height of the blades should be slightly less than the height of the hull, but again, without too much gap. For bonding parts, you can use superglue – it provides sufficient strength, not afraid of moisture and dries quickly. For instant rejection of superglue you can use ordinary baking soda – if you sprinkle has not yet solidified superglue with baking soda, it will immediately turn into a very durable compound.
Водяной насос из моторчика из подручных средств Now you can assemble the entire structure together – the motor shaft is passed through the hole in the housing, on the other side it is joined glued the impeller with gear. It is important to assemble only after complete drying, otherwise the details may shift and have to redo everything. On the side of the case, to the advance work done to the hole establishes the silicone hose it will come out of the water. It is best to use a hose with a diameter of 5-7 mm, but in an extreme case, like a conventional drip, which is sold in every pharmacy, although the diameter of tubules and small. The motor is fixed to the housing with a hot melt adhesive is also quite important connection, and therefore only use quality brand glue sticks and a good glue gun that heats to the desired temperature. Under these conditions, the connection will get high quality and reliable, and most importantly sealed.
Водяной насос из моторчика из подручных средств Now it only remains to glue the “lid” of the case in which there is a water intake hole. You can glue it well using a hot-melt adhesive, carefully zagermetizirovat the entire seam. For the construction should not be water flowing, otherwise moisture inside the engine will lead to the exit of his building.
A few words about the choice of motor. Here you can use almost any motor on a small power supply voltage, for example, various electronic toys. The speed of the motor, respectively, and the pressure is self-made pump will depend on the voltage of the motor the more voltage, the more and rpm. The sample can be first to power a motor from a small voltage, e.g. 5 volts from the phone charging, if the pump runs, but pressure is too weak – increase the voltage. Please note that increasing voltage will increase and the noise level from the motor. Thus, it turned out a working version of the homemade pump, to collect which can be just for one night for experiments or even for a permanent job, if provided with a good strength of all connections. A good build! All questions and additions in comments.
Водяной насос из моторчика из подручных средств


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