In Siberia to study the bats on the subject of the threat of coronaviruses

В Сибири изучат летучих мышей на предмет опасных коронавирусов

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Russian biologists over the next two years will examine whether there is in Siberia carriers of dangerous for human coronaviruses, reports TASS with reference to the acting Director of the Institute of experimental and clinical medicine Alexandra Shestopalova.

He said that he will investigate the genome of living in Siberia are wild animals, particularly bats.

“If the Chinese had such a virus from bats, who bothers to arrive so mice to us,” said Shestopalov.

The first two cases of mers identified in Russia 31 January the citizens of China. March 11, the world health organization (who) declared the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

As measures in Russia were declared non-working days, in some regions introduced a state of isolation, was discontinued flights and closed borders. In the world the number of infected more than 15 million, all the time from the coronavirus has killed more than 600 thousand people.


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