Fashion tips: how to beat bad purchase from an online store in three elegant images

We all know that buying over the Internet, this is still a lottery, and the reality is sometimes very different from expectations.

Jagelovica Agne (Agne Jagelaviciute) from Lithuania once thumbed through the tape in social networks and came across a clothing store. Things presented there, were stylish and looked expensive. The model in the photo looked gorgeous, and the price was more than reasonable. Agne trust advertising, ordered three dresses and began to wait for the parcel.

Alas, when she got it, was not such as she expected. However, Agnes works as a stylist and a costume designer, so she not only managed to make one of bad new things are interesting images, but showed how can be nice to beat even the most unattractive thing.

The photo on the store site

The long-awaited purchase had to wait more than a month, but they still came to the new owner. From the very beginning alerted tacky and roll up a mile of packing tape. Things are not quite matched the description and was made of very cheap fabric that was reflected in their appearance.

That’s what it’s really

Agne still tried on clothes and very disappointed. What she saw in the mirror was very different from the picture on the website.

How can it be beat

When Agne was in shock and stopped laughing, he took himself in hand and decided to turn these rags into a decent thing. She shared her lifehacks and demonstrated how it is possible to save the situation.

  • First, athlete a good thing.
  • Second, put on appropriate underwear, which will hide flaws and emphasize dignity.

The photo on the model

Many are conducted at gorgeous pictures of models and hope that it will look exactly the same.

But how does the product on Agne

In reality, the thing in the shape of a regular girl can look different.

But if you combine the dress with other things, you get stylish look

  • If necessary, cut off any excess or put them under other clothes.
  • Feel free to change the function of the dress. For example, if you bought a linen cover-up dress, but instead it is synthetic, you can wear it in daily life.
  • The right accessories will make your look stylish and neat.

The photo on the store site

It looks like an outfit right out of the box

If you combine it with other things, it is possible to save the situation

  • Combine cheap clothing with the road, and you follow one of the latest fashion trends.
  • Find the balance between “messy” and “neat” things.
  • And most importantly, never get upset and look around the positive side!

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