Suspension for guitar

Hello, dear readers. I represent to your attention a simple homemade gimbal for guitar. I started to play guitar at age 13. My first guitar – the Soviet seven-string guitar “Ivanovo factory of musical instruments”.
Подвес для гитары

I was very interested, and after a while I bought a new guitar. Then the question arose of where to store both guitars, since they take up a lot of space.
Подвес для гитары Made the suspension became a solution.
Подвес для гитарыI needed:
1. Block any wood (I used birch).
2. Jigsaws.
3. Drill.
4. Drachevo file.
5. Sandpaper of different grit.
6. The strips of leather.
7. Screws (two long, two short).
First I made a sketch on a bar of wood the size of the fretboard.
Подвес для гитарыPicking up the jigsaw, I have cut the workpiece.
Подвес для гитарыПодвес для гитарыUsing a drill I drilled the holes.
Подвес для гитарыПодвес для гитарыПодвес для гитарыThen processed the entire file in preparation for subsequent work with sandpaper.
Подвес для гитарыПодвес для гитарыПодвес для гитарыAt first I took a large paper grain
Подвес для гитарыПодвес для гитарыthen less for the smoothness of the product.
Подвес для гитарыПодвес для гитарыMount the suspension is performed by means of two screws. Having marked on the product
Подвес для гитарыand choosing the suitable drill bit,
Подвес для гитарыbore two holes.
Подвес для гитарыПодвес для гитарыAfter I expanded them with a large drill bit for the cap screws have not damaged the guitar fretboard.
Подвес для гитарыПодвес для гитарыSo the guitar did not fall, did locking of the strips of leather and two short screws.
Подвес для гитарыAt the ends of the suspension punched with an awl for better tightening.
Подвес для гитарыThen I chose a spot on the wall, assembled the entire structure.
Подвес для гитарыFor guitars I play, was made removable retainer
Подвес для гитарыПодвес для гитарыas for the Soviet rarity fixed retainer.
Подвес для гитарыTo make this simple homemade it took me a little time.
Подвес для гитары


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