100% protect garden from birds

Having the plot of cherries, a vineyard or a plantation of strawberries every year to deal with the starlings who RAID the garden. They peck the berries, consuming much more than you can eat. To scare away the Scarecrow use different designs include the audio recording of the cry of birds of prey, but it gives a temporary effect. Starlings the first time, eyeing the Scarecrow, and then finding no danger, continue to destroy the crop. A more reliable method of control is to protect the garden grid.

100% защита сада от птиц

What you’ll need:

  • single-walled fishing mesh 40 mm;
  • the pole or pipe;
  • wire.

How to protect garden from birds

To protect from birds, you can buy the specialized shielding mesh, but it is more expensive, besides, in need of tying. Easier and cheaper to use single-walled fishing net with a large depth of planting. It is equipped with gruselle, therefore, simply to throw on the tree or the bushes without tying.

100% защита сада от птиц

For mounting the grid to the tree, you need to prepare enough long light pole with a hook out of stiff wire at the end. Instead, you can use aluminum tubing, will also fit the telescopic rod. When attached mesh sinkers should be at the bottom. The branches need to cling to the upper cord with floats. This will prevent rupture of the cells in the case of fluctuations of the crown under a strong wind. The grid is captured by the hook and raised the pole at the desired height. It is advisable to work with an assistant. His task is to pull the mesh from the crown, so she clung to the branches until the top will not be hung.

100% защита сада от птиц

The method of fixing the mesh depends on the shape of the crown. On the uncircumcised tree with lance the pinnacle of her better to fix on the upper side of the branches in a circle. If you have multiple trees planted in a row, the grid is stretched in between a single circuit. With this mount the top of the tree remains open, but the vast majority of starlings to sit on the branches can not, so as a fly landing on the side.

It is best to prepare in advance the crown at the autumn pruning. The tree is cut the top. This will allow it to cover the top and sides. This way you can protect the crop is almost 100%.

100% защита сада от птиц

To protect vineyards and other berry bushes a grid you can just throw on top, or stretch between the posts. After collecting bunches the mesh must be removed as the vine grows all season and if the screen is to leave, it will be woven into its cell.

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