Social networks made fun of trump after as part of his “heavy duty” the wall collapsed because of the storm

The viral video, presumably made on the border of USA and Mexico, part of the famous wall of Donald trump collapsed, unable to withstand strong winds and heavy rains that brought tropical storm Hanna. Roller immediately became the subject of numerous jokes, and comparisons of the incident with the presidential campaign of the trump.

Some recalled that just a few weeks ago trump — which the wall has already cost more than $11 billion called her “the strongest” in the world. Others doubted the authenticity of the video, stating that it is not clear exactly where and when it was made.

Mexican news Debate said that the movie was made on the border of Texas and Ciudad Camargo, however, the Washington Post reporters denied this information, assuming that the record is likely done in Arizona.

Meanwhile, the number of jokes about the “indestructible” wall of trump in social networks is growing rapidly.

“I wanted to make a joke about the wall of trump, but how would me not blown away”, — tweeted the author bestsellerov Rick Wilson.

“I thought of the joke about the wall of trump, but she collapses in the eyes,” added a second.

“Hopefully, trump has the warranty on the wall. — noted third — I would Not like to Mexico paid for it again.”



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