Russia was the last in the approval ratings of world leaders

Russia took the last place in the approval rating of the leaders of major world powers. It is reported by the American polling company Gallup.

Recall that Gallup’s rating is compiled since 2007. It involves four countries: USA, China, Germany and Russia. Respondents in 135 countries please answer, how they relate to the leadership of these countries.

According to the survey, which was conducted in the year 2019, the level of approval from the German government reached 44% (a year earlier it was 39%), USA — 33% (previous year 31%), China — 32% (previous year — 34%), Russia — 30% (previous year was the same). Russia has never risen above last place for all time of existence of the rating.

Germany leads the ranking for the past three years; prior to that the first place occupied the USA. Chief editor of Gallup’s Mohamed Younis explained the popularity of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, that it remains “one of the most predictable leaders in the extremely uncertain times in Europe and in the world”


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