Budget method of insulation of attic floor

Бюджетный способ утепления пола чердака

In this review, consider, perhaps, one of the most affordable ways to insulate the floor in the attic of a private house.

I would like to answer the question: why do it? The floor insulation in the attic will reduce heat loss through the ceiling.

Typically, this use of mineral wool. This material is good in everything except in price. Therefore, many prefer alternative options.

Бюджетный способ утепления пола чердака

For a budget floor insulation of the attic, we need a few basic ingredients:

  • clay;
  • reed;
  • sawdust.

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Start to work

The first thing you will need to prepare the subfloor for casting solution. Stacked on the floor rushes.

After this it is necessary to prepare a solution of clay, water and sawdust. It can knead by hand or in the mixer.

Бюджетный способ утепления пола чердака

Only then will pour the floor prepared clay solution. After hardening clay floor can be covered with plywood.

Бюджетный способ утепления пола чердака

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Details of how to insulate the attic floor with reeds and clay, you can see in the video below. This review is based on the YouTube video channel “Reef Lutfullin“.


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