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Strategist at Fundstrat expect a breakthrough of bitcoin is above $10 500

Many analysts have already reacted to the resumption of growth in the value of bitcoin. We will remind, the largest digital currency managed to break above $10 000.

At the same time strengthening the BTC has not stopped, and on Monday the coin exceeded $10 200 on some cryptomeria. Among the supporters of the optimistic scenario stands out Fundstrat Global Advisors analyst Rob Leimer.

As specifies Bloomberg, Slamer prepared an analytical run in which the predicted rise of bitcoin after overcoming the resistance at the level of $10 500.

Strategist at Fundstrat said:

We remain positive about the overall structure of bitcoin and expect it to break below $10 000 – 10 500 in the framework of its long-term bullish scenario.”

Once bitcoin breaks above $10 500, will begin a new phase of long-term strengthen the position of BTC. The new capital will go into cryptosphere that will allow the coin to reach $13 800.

Rob Leimer known fact that he after the March collapse of the stock market one of the first declared that bitcoin, after falling to a yearly low will be a long time to consolidate.

After the so-called “Black Thursday” (March 12) this analyst predicted that bitcoin will need a consolidation months to recover from such huge losses. Then Slamer said that most likely the consolidation phase will last at least three months.


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