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ETH miners are earning more

Today, Ethereum, and all the spot market cryptocurrency demonstrates the activity. Figure the price of the underlying token Ethereum for the past two weeks has increased by 40 per cent to $ 327 dollars, which is its annual maximum.

Analysts attribute the rise in prices the second the capitalization of cryptocurrencies, in particular, with the hype around DeFi, which resulted in an increase in the number of transactions in the network.

As you know, the income of miners depend on the number of service transactions.

In the case of Ethereum is also missing a lot of competition between miners. Total hash rate of the network, according to Etherscan remained stable over the past two weeks and is about 190 peachesa per second.


According to Sparkpool a month ago in Ethereum a daily income of miners over 100 mahahaha per second (MH/s) was approximately 1.85 dollar. Over the past two weeks income has increased by 60 percent and as at 27 July is 3.4 per dollar.


According Bitinfocharts in the first quarter of the current year the income of the miners ETH accounted for less than 2 dollars for 100 MH/s. With the March market decline, the profitability of miners has fallen by almost half. And as of today, for the last four months the income of miners has increased more than 3 times.

At the current value of Ethereum and complexity of mining mining equipment A10 Pro from InnoSilicon speeds of hashing 485 MH/s, allows the miners to have a daily income of 12.92 USD. Minus the cost of the electricity revenue will be about $ 12.

In a situation when the difficulty of mining Bitcoin at record highs, even the most modern high-performance mining machine, given the same cost of electricity allow the miners to earn BTC, according to the mining pool PoolIn, only 6.5 dollar daily.




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