A California resident who lost fingers because of the coronavirus, warns others

The Californian, who spent 64 days in the hospital, fighting COVID-19, thanked the fates that it survived — though there have been almost without any fingers. Now he wants to warn others.

According to 54-year-old Greg Garfield, who spent 31 days connected to a ventilator, his chances of survival was only 1%.

“From a medical point of view, I should not be here”, — said he in an interview with KTLA-TV.

“My immune system just ate me alive.”

Garfield with a dozen friends picked it up in Feb, skiing Italy — just before the beginning of the pandemic. Their health start to deteriorate rapidly, but then the tourists did not even know that ill COVID-19.

Garfield arrived at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center a few days after returning home. Has not passed also two days as it had to be connected to the ventilator.

During the following month the man who became “patient zero” who desperately fought for life. In the words of Greg, he was almost killed a number of complications including sepsis, renal and hepatic failure, pulmonary embolism, ruptured lungs. In addition, the virus had breached the blood — which led to amputation.

Now Garfield will have at least half a dozen operations to restore fingers with prosthetics. The man hopes his story will make those who still doubt the dangers of coronavirus, to take the disease seriously.

“I was able to survive. I feel great now, <…> but my hands will never be the same. You can be in my place”.


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