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MakerDAO was the first DeFi-Protocol with $1 billion of blocked funds

MakerDAO was the first Protocol for decentralized Finance (DeFi) with total assets of $1 billion.

This means that users MakerDAO blocked in Protocol funds in the amount of $1 billion for loans. With this indicator, MakerDAO became the market leaders in de with a share of 28% (data DeFi Pulse).

For MakerDAO followed by Compound and Synthetix c $764 million and $423 million, respectively. Aave, Balancer and Curv Finance included in the top ten DeFi protocols.

In General, the protocols DeFi now blocked more than $3.6 billion, although only in the beginning of this month the total value of frozen funds totalled $2 billion, and in February ― $1 billion.

Last week, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance held a listing of the token MakerDAO (MKR) and stablon DAI.


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