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The profitability of mining Ethereum increased by 60% due to the increase of transaction fees

The daily income of miners Ethereum grew by more than 60% for the month, ahead of the growth rates of ETH 40% over the same period.

The growth of profitability due to the increased fees for transactions in the network, as well as the relatively slow growth of competition from other miners.

Data mining-pool Sparkpool show that on June 27 the daily income of miners the network of the largest Aldona was about $1,85 per 100 mahahaha per second (MH/s) in the network. Over the last month, particularly over the last two weeks, it grew by 60% and reached 25 Jul — 3.27 us dollar. Since then, the figure dropped to 3 dollars.

Дневной доход ETH-майнеров на 100 MH/s

During the same period, the price of ether has increased by almost 40%, from $ 229 June 27 to 327 dollars at the time of this writing, which is the highest price index for the year.

The reason for the growth of the profitability of mining ETH

Payments for transactions in the network that are part of the daily income of miners, reached a two-year high, as the hype around the decentralised Finance (DeFi) resulted in a surge of network activity.

However, the combined processing power of competing in the second largest blockchain network by market capitalization, remains stable at about 190 pathala per second as shows Etherscan.

In fact, Bitinfocharts data indicate that the daily revenue of the mining Ethereum remained below $ 2 for 100 MH/s during the first quarter of the year and fell to 1 dollar per 100 MH/s after the March collapse of the market. But four months later, the daily income from mining has increased three times.

Currently, some modern mining equipment Ethereum, such as InnoSilicon A10 Pro with the power of 485 MH/s, could bring $12,92 daily income at current price and difficulty of mining Ethereum.

According to data mining-pool F2Pool, at a cost of electricity of $0.03 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) one machine A10 Pro able to generate daily net profit of almost $12.

Much more profitable mining BTC

Profit at this level almost 100% higher than some high level miners for Bitcoin (SHA256), although the price of BTC over the weekend exceeded 10’000 dollars, for the first time since the beginning of June.

However, the complexity of the Bitcoin mining still remains a record. Thus, even the most effective SHA256 miners such as WhatsMiner M30S ++ from MicroBT and S19 Pro AntMiner from Bitmain, bring in daily income of 9 dollars per unit.

For data mining-pool PoolIn, at a cost of electricity $0.03 per kWh, the machines will provide a daily profit of about $ 6.50 us dollars at current prices and difficulty of mining Bitcoin.

Publication date 28.07.2020
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