“No more sheep”: African Americans stocking up arms to protest

«Больше не овцы»: афроамериканцы запасаются оружием для протестаMass protests against police brutality and racism continue to break US, spiraling into riots in several major cities. The backbone of protest — blacks — actively storing weapons and is ready to continue demonstrations until Donald trump sends Federal forces to resolve the situation, the media are writing. As the increased demand for weapons among the black population’s impact on the protests — in the material “Газеты.Ru”.

Protests against racism and police brutality in the United States to keep up the momentum, demonstrations are held in many major cities of the country — for the most part they lost their violent nature in the form of riots and clashes with law enforcement officers. However, in some cities the situation is not improving. In particular, in Portland to resolve the situation were forwarded to the Federal forces. Similar measures were taken in Seattle and Oakland, but so far to stop the riots is not possible.

The problem is that the situation in the city is gradually getting out of control. The President of the United States Donald trump has compared the riots in Portland with anarchy due to the fact that local authorities have a very negative attitude to the forces of the Federal government on its territory.

While violent demonstrations have resulted in deaths at the hands of the protesters, only at the end of July, one person died from stab wounds in a hospital in Portland. Given that the backbone of the protest movement consists of African Americans on them falls again suspected by law enforcement authorities, though it was the death of black George Floyd from the hands of the police have launched action in the United States.

On the background of continuing unrest there is a key question — can they develop into armed clashes, as the US Constitution guarantees the right of every American to keep and bear arms. Answer it is not yet possible, despite the exponential case in Texas in mid-July, when a local resident shot one of the protesters also threatened him with a weapon.

However, it is possible to trace the negative trend in such conditions, namely, the increase in the demand for guns among African Americans. As Politico writes,

at the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus most Americans actively began to buy food and necessities, blacks did the same, but their shopping list was listed as a firearm.

Buying weapons, African Americans are not breaking any laws, if you do it in accordance with the rules, the newspaper notes, but many of them see it as a tool for expanding their rights and opportunities. First of all, we are talking about the protests and self-defence that is already used by many critics of the demonstrations against racism — supporters of tough measures by the police to use weapons in the hands of the black population as an argument for their establishment and maintenance.

The interest grows

As said Politico President of the national Association of African-American gun owners Philip Smith this year, his organization increased by 30 thousand people, though often to the Association were joined by 2 million people a year.

“Gone are the days when African Americans sat and sang “Kumbaya” hoping and praying that someone came and saved them. We will save ourselves. And any politician who wants our vote moved forward, it is better to be on the side of our thinking, otherwise you will not get our vote. We are no longer sheep,” — said Smith.

The increase in demand for firearms on the part of African Americans statistics National shooting sport Foundation (NFS). According to the study nfss, arms sales in the United States in the first half increased by 95%, and ammunition sales by 139% compared to the same period last year.

The biggest increase in sales came in the share of African American men and women — 58% compared to the first half of 2019. On the second place white men and women — 51,9%, then Hispanic — 49,4% and completing the four Asian Americans is 42.9%.

However, white males still make up more than half (55.8%) of buyers of weapons and ammunition in the United States. Black men and women even gaining 14.7%, which is lower than the figure for white women is 16.6%.

Data Analytics company Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting for June a few konkretisiert the situation, in the first month of summer in the US, it sold 1.5 million guns, 690 thousand units long guns on 145,3% more than in the same period last year. According to Bloomberg, the increase in demand was mainly driven by the mass demonstrations against racism, but does not give a specific breakdown by races, as the study nfss.

These data relate only to the legal ways to purchase firearms. The FBI recorded a sharp uptick in attempts at illegal purchase of arms. According to authorities, only in March, was blocked more than 23 thousand Americans of trying to buy weapons without permission.

The threat of escalation

Together, the growing demand for weapons among African Americans and the interest of blacks to the Armory associations can be seen as negative signals amid protests. The situation is also compounded by the fact that the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 hit harder on African Americans than on white Americans.

According to the June survey by the Financial Times,

about financial difficulties in connection with the pandemic was reported by 74% of blacks, among whites, the figure was 58%. The number laid off or sent on unpaid leave blacks made up 25% vs. 19% for whites.

This fact further fuels the protests of African Americans because they point to racial discrimination by the police. Thus, the US government may face the demonstrations of armed and unemployed people.

Probably as a first sign of possible development of the situation in a similar vein, we can consider the increase in the number of incidents with armed African Americans in the United States. It’s not just about the attack on a white man in Texas. In particular, in Georgia armed with semiautomatic rifles, a group of people was held in city Park stone mountain in protest against the monuments of the supporters of the Confederacy.

The White house is enough negative attitude to the protest actions. A loyal Trump the Fox News channel is actively spins the stories with the armed protesters, including seized weapons from the police.

According to Politico, the actions of the journalists tried to incite fear of armed blacks, which in General, is not a new political tactic for US. During the “black Panthers” — black leftist organization, aims to promote the civil rights of African Americans, the FBI called its supporters a threat to the internal security of the United States.

Now, the tramp repeats this tactic emphasizes the publication, even sending Federal forces in US cities is partly due to the use of weapons in the African-American communities that supposedly poses a threat to Federal property.

However, how can change protests in the U.S., given all the variables, is still unknown. In early July, a poll by NBC News / The Wall Street Journal has documented that 80% believe that the situation is “out of control”. Currently, however, violent actions still affect only a small number of large cities, and the preconditions for their transition to other points of the country not currently visible.


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