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Peter Schiff: Bitcoin will not stay above $10 000

The CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Peter Schiff believes that soon bitcoin will face a significant pullback.

According to tradition, after every bull run of BTC Schiff published in his Twitter account a series of criticism and dire predictions. It happened at this time. Shortly after BTC broke $10 000, the investor predicted the price of bitcoin soon collapse.

Peter Schiff: Bitcoin will not stay above $10 000

The last two times BTC shot to $10 000 in October last year and February this year. Both times, the rapid rise was followed by a retracement of 38% and 63%, respectively. The third attempt to break the coveted milestone in may over a long period of consolidation. According to Schiff, the current situation repeats the previous attempts the first cryptocurrency to gain a foothold above $10 000 and VTS will soon crash down.

Known cryptocratic continues to prophesy the imminent collapse of bitcoin. When prices rise to $9,000 in may, he continued to panic, predicting that bitcoin soon “collapse”.

In April, he called to sell the PTS because his zenana reacted positively to the fiscal policy of the fed.

Before alvingham he claimed that the bitcoin price will never rise.

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